Workman’s Compensation FAQ

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What Is Workman’s Comp Insurance?

Workman’s compensation insurance, also called workers’ comp, protects both the business and its employees in the event that illness, injury, or death occurs while on the job. It can cover lost wages, medical expenses, and even death benefits.

Is Workman’s Comp Required by Law?

The laws surrounding workman’s comp vary by state. In many states, companies of a certain size are required to carry workman’s comp insurance. However, the state of Texas is not one of those states. While workman’s comp insurance may not be required by state law in Texas, it is recommended in order to protect your business and employees.

How Does Workman’s Comp Protect My Business?

In the event that an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job, workman’s comp insurance protects the business from liability. Instead of the business having to pay for medical bills or lost wages, the insurance company handles these expenses.

How Does Workman’s Comp Protect My Employees?

If an employee becomes injured or ill on the job, it can be a great source of stress and frustration, especially when they find themselves in a position where they can no longer work temporarily or permanently, or with medical bills. But when the business they work for has workman’s comp insurance, they can receive medical benefits, money to cover lost wages, disability benefits, or even help covering funeral expenses if necessary.

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What Types of Businesses Need Workman’s Comp?

While workman’s comp is not required for Dallas or Irving businesses by law, it is recommended that any business with employees carry the insurance. Injuries or illnesses can occur unexpectedly, and even at relatively safe jobs. For example, carpal tunnel is considered an overuse injury that commonly occurs when someone works in an otherwise safe office position.

Is Workman’s Comp Insurance Expensive?

The cost of workman’s comp insurance can vary depending on the type of business you own, as well as with the amount of employees you have. However, the cost of having workman’s comp insurance is minimal compared to the expenses that could occur if you do not. At Powell Insurance Group in Dallas and Irving, our team can help you determine which plan is right for your business.

Protect Your Business With Dallas Workman’s Comp Insurance

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