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Introducing Our New Mobile App To Meet Your Insurance Needs

Introducing Our New Mobile App

At Powell Insurance Group, it is our goal to make the insurance process easier for all of our clients — regardless of the type of insurance that you need. Our new mobile app, Insurlink™, is designed to give you 24/7 accessibility to your policies and securely share files with the Powell Insurance Group team at your convenience.

Insurlink™ is designed to reduce the amount of time that you spend on routine tasks like certificate distribution and answering simple policy questions that you might have for us. In short, there has never been an insurance client experience like this before.

Key Insurlink™ Mobile Features

  • Immediate access to policy information — including your policy terms and coverage limits
  • The ability to make quick policy change requests from our team
  • Quick claim services — filing new claims, checking claim statuses, and information submissions
  • Access to certificate request issuance and adding holders
  • Quick, painless mobile payments
  • The ability to have your questions answered 24/7

A Modernized Insurance Experience

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